Monday, February 23, 2009

Just watching TV......

I just thought I would share one of Harvey's favorite activities.......

watching TV with Matt. We just won't tell him that Matt was working on homework at the same time.........

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A School & Ski Trip

Last weekend Matt & I made the long trek to Spokane for another on campus weekend of lectures and tests. Although for me the weekend is filled with lots of anxiety from flying to test taking, it is still nice to have a change of scenery! This weekend was the weekend of Valentine's Day, and although I spent Valentine's Day weekend in class and eating dinner with fellow students it was still nice that Matt was able to come! Before we left though he surprised me with these beautiful tulips!

Here are the pilots that flew the plane......they looked a little too young

Studying in the hotel

I had class and tests on Saturday and Sunday. We spent Monday and Tuesday though, playing in the snow and exploring Spokane!

Matt's brother Rob and Emily flew out to go skiing with Matt. On Monday morning the fog was so thick you could not tell where the snow met the sky!

Overlooking Spokane Valley

Here was our little rental car! We rented a mid size car and ended up with this! We got a lot of crazy looks on the mountain.

Matt getting ready to ski!

Overlooking Spokane Valley from the top of Mt. Spokane

Rob and Matt taking a break from skiing

A wicked fall!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

NBC says "United is the worst of the worst"

A warning to all those who are planning a trip in the near future. Do not make the same mistake Matt & I made by flying United. After several delays in and out of Denver we finally arrived home very late last night only to find that our luggage did not make it. After talking to United we learned that while transferring our luggage from one plane to another (in Denver), someone forgot to connect our baggage trailer to the rest of the baggage train therefore leaving it somewhere in Denver. United told us not to worry, that we would have our baggage by 12:30 the next day. Well 12:30 rolled around and after calling United we were told sometime between 1pm-6pm. So I waited and waited and still no bags. So at 6:30pm we called and they said that 'they are not sure where the bags are', but that they were somewhere in Oklahoma City. I am not sure how they knew that though being that the individual I was speaking with was in India. It is currently 8:45pm and after several phone conversations our bags are still missing. We have offered to drive to the airport to pick our bags up several times, but were told that we could not do that. Oh and after inquiring about a refund (we paid $60 to check our luggage, I thought it only fair that we receive a refund since they could not deliver), I was told that they do not refund checked baggage. When I asked them why, '$60 to United is like drop in the bucket, so unless they lose baggage all the time and have to refund millions of travelers, $60 is nothing'. My answer was complete silence. After researching to find a local American representative from United to discuss my claim I found this website, So if you don't take my word for it just check this website out WWW.UNTIED.COM.
Thank you for your time....... I feel much better now.

Friday, February 13, 2009

5 Hours in Denver

I realize it has been forever since we posted anything and we have five hours to kill in the Denver airport so I thought I would give everyone a quick update.
We are on our way to Spokane for the first of Carol's two trips this semester. She has to go to Gonzaga for a couple days to take tests, listen to lectures, and observe demonstrations. She hates going alone and this time we got lucky with my school schedule and I was able to tag along. Although the trip involves alot of hard work for Carol it is always nice to get away and take a break from our little apartment and our regular routine of eat, sleep, study.
It is supposed to be cold and snowy in Spokane so hopefully we will have some pictures to post when we get home. I may even get in a day of skiing!!
Well, it's time to go cruise the food court. Until next time...