Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I just finished my fourth semester and Matt just finished his first year of nursing school! Only two more semesters to go.....

Monday, April 20, 2009

My Gardener

One of the my favorite things about where we live is running through the neighborhood of Heritage Hills admiring the beautiful historic homes and all of the flowers!

Today on my run I noticed that almost every house had a crew of some sort doing yard work or washing windows. Well since I have always been one to try and keep up with the Jones' and I figure they must be doing something right since the finished product is beautiful....that I, myself, should hire a gardener to plant some flowers as well!

I think my new gardener Matt, did a fantastic job! Now if I could only find someone to wash our second story windows......

Roomates Together Again!

It will be six years ago, this June, that three girls moved in together. Little did we know that it would mark the start of a new season in our lives and the beginning of a beautiful friendship! This weekend we were able to once again unite! It was a weekend of pampering, relaxing, catching up, and celebrating the end of tax season and the spring semester!
We were pretty hungry!

The ultimate relaxation...

Fantastic cupcakes!

Playing beauty shop....
Lisa's finished product...

Where it all began.... 2003


Monday, April 13, 2009


Our Easter weekend started with celebrating Matt's mom's birthday on Saturday night!

Loeber family after churchAfter church we headed to Ponca City for the annual Great Easter Egg Hunt at the Stangeland Farm. The Great Easter Egg Hunt started 20+ years ago with just three participants, over the years it had grown to be quite the event....
(A picture of my cousin and I at one of the first Stangeland Easter Egg Hunts)
The Great Easter Egg Hunt of 2008

And of course not only has the number of participants increased but the competition to find as many of the 500+ plastic candy-filled Easter eggs as possible!

Now some of you may be asking yourselves is it really fair for a 26 year old to be hunting Easter eggs with her younger cousins? Well I like to think that I am doing it out of love, I feel that it is important to teach them about the "real world"...... it is a "dog eat dog world", no one is going to just hand them Easter eggs.... so it is my job to make them work to get the eggs. I am really doing them a favor if you think about....
The Easter celebration always starts with an amazing lunch.......(or nutrients for the big hunt)
Table #1
Table #2
Table #3
Next was the Great Easter Egg Hunt, which consists of hiding 500+ plastic candy-filled eggs all throughout two pastures..... Hard to believe but in 20+ years of hunting we had never been foiled by the ran and we weren't about to let it stop us this year!

Can you find the Easter eggs? The last Easter egg hunter struggles in......
Soaking wet!
Now it is time to count our loot and the candy-trade!

After the Hunt and candy-trade, is the annual Stangeland Olympics. This year though it was relegated inside....
Thanks Grammy and Grandad for another awesome Easter Celebration! We can't wait till next year!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Have a Happy Easter!

Wishing you a very Happy Easter!!

Love, Harvey

Finals and an Adventure

This past weekend my grandpa, Dad, and I headed to Spokane. It was a weekend full of exams and lecture for me, but as soon as the weekend was over we headed off on an adventure....

We arrived in Spokane on Friday morning, and started the trip with a filling and delicious lunch at Anthony's, which overlooks the falls! (We wanted to carbo load for an exciting weekend!).

Here are pictures of our hotel! (just kidding). After lunch we walked over to the Davenport Hotel in downtown Spokane. This hotel was built in 1914 for around 2 million dollars!

Here is one of the many beautiful ballrooms!

Sunday, after finals were over, the adventure began! Our first stop was Manito Park....

We then headed to Riverside State Park...

Grandpa climbing a mountain!

We then took a tour of downtown Spokane. The falls were amazing!

After a brief stop at See's candy, we headed to Idaho!

Our first stop in Idaho was Cour'de Lane. We took a walking tour around town, with a moose and mouse tour guide!

Dad and Grandpa standing on the longest floating boardwalk!

Climbing to the top of Tubbs Hill....

Our next stop, on our way to Montana, was an old Mission that was built in 1850! It is the oldest building in Idaho.

We then headed to Montana.... the snow was amazing!

At the end of the day we had traveled through three states, visited historical sites, played in the lake and snow, and stuffed ourselves with good candy! It was a great adventure and a good reward for finishing finals! Thank you Dad and Grandpa for the good company!