Saturday, September 27, 2008

Inside Apt. C

View from our dining room into the living room

Our living room. Sweet TV courtesy of my brother. Thanks Rob!

And so it begins...

Hello blogworld! Carol and I have finally decided to start a blog. Aren't you all excited!?

As we start our second year in the shoebox we call our apartment we thought it would be fun to record all the "adventures" that go along with living in a very small, very old (1930s!) apartment. We hope you all will laugh, smile and maybe cry along with us as we experience life here in midtown OKC.

Of course, not everything in this blog will involve our apartment. We are both in school and working and many people have told us we are crazy for living the life we do. Keep checking the blog and you can decide for yourself...are we really crazy??

Thanks for checking us out...come back soon!