Sunday, June 7, 2009

Series Premiere

If you read our blog with any regularity you realize that we live in what some people would call a bad part of town. Others might use the word "sketchy" to describe our particular neighborhood. While some might even say that we live in "the hood". Despite all these lovely adjectives describing our place of residence, Carol and I both love living in this area (midtown OKC) and we feel safe and secure in our lovely little apartment.

We have, however, noticed and experienced many things during our almost two years living here and these experiences and events have led us to begin this new blog series called...

Oh wait...I don't really have a title for this new series. I need help coming up with some kind of catchy title. For now we will go with..."You know you live in 'the hood' when..."

...A homeless man uses the telephone pole outside your apartment as his own personal bathroom.