Sunday, November 9, 2008

An Overdue Halloween Post

This year Matt & I were lucky enough to be invited to two Halloween parties! One pre-Halloween party and one the night of Halloween. We decided to go as a magician and a white rabbit. I quickly found though that being a magician is no longer cool, and after visiting multiple stores in search of a magician cape and wand with no success, I decided to attempt to make a cape and wand. So this is my first attempt at being domestic in the sewing world.....

We were able to tear ourselves away from the homework for two nights of fun!! Thank you to our friends for hosting awesome Halloween parties!!

Homemade costumes rule!!

Matt, Aaron (my cousin), & I having fun!!
Aaron made his costume using 6 rolls of duct tape!
Now that the Halloween fun is over with we are getting ready for Thanksgiving at Apt C......

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