Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Grateful Bean

I know our last post might have been a little gross for some of you out there so I thought this time around we would go with a positive part about living in the 'hood' (otherwise known as Midtown OKC). Today was a beautiful day in the neighborhood (no, we don't live next door to Mr. Rodgers but we do live above a 94 year old lady...kinda the same, right?)
Ok, on to the actual events of the day...Carol got done with clinical early today so we decided to take a nice walk down to The Grateful Bean on 10th and Walker. We have been meaning to try the ice cream there for some time but never seem to have time to stop in.

The coffee shop/restaurant/ice cream parlor is in what used to be Kaiser's, a restaurant that has been located in this location since 1917. It is an awesome spot with great atmosphere, a really nice staff, cool old pics on the walls, and a great menu including buffalo burgers and awesome ice cream.

Carol and I decided to split a two scoop sundae and we were not disappointed. Unfortunately this is not a picture of the actual sundae and this pic doesn't really do it justice. The ice cream was amazing and the hot fudge was probably the best I have ever had. The sundae was HUGE...it's a good thing we walked there and back! Needless to say we will visit this place again soon. Next time your down this way I would highly recommend The Grateful Bean. See, living down here isn't all bad!


Matt and Lori said...

I love fun little places like that...so much character and charm! Glad y'all found a great spot for ice cream!

OK Chick said...

I've heard The Grateful Bean is great. I haven't been yet, but hopefully soon I can get over on that side of town.

Anna said...

That place looks so cute! I didn't know it even existed. You guys will have to take me there when I get home ;)

Matt & Carol said...

We would love to, Anna!